Dungeon Master's Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Stock #2100)

Dungeon Master's Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Stock #2100)This is the complete guide to being an AD D game Dungeon Master Whether you re running a single adventure or masterminding a complete fantasy campaign, the Dungeon Master s Guide is an absolute necessity The 2nd Edition Dungeon Master s Guide puts all the information you need right at your fingert

Dungeon Master's Guide (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)

Dungeon Master's Guide (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition)The Dungeon Master s Guide features beautifully rendered, intuitively presented rules and material designed to get a Third Edition D D campaign up and running Along with the Player s Handbook and the Monster Manual , this guide comprises the core rules for the game.

Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook 1

Player's Handbook: Core Rulebook 1The Dungeons Dragons core rulebook has been revised and updated for clarity and content Each revision integrates user feedback received since the original product release so as to address the specific wants and needs of the player and Dungeon Master audiences The overall rules system remains int

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players HandbookThis is the first of the series of the world famous AD D role playing aids To complement the original version we ve asekd new cover art It is the ideal vehicle of imagination for intermediate through advanced players, ages 10 and up 2010 1978 TSR By Gary Gygax illustrations by David C Sutherl

The Complete Wizard's Handbook

The Complete Wizard's HandbookIf you thought all wizards were alike, think again The masters of magic now have a new guide to creating interesting and imaginative mages, just when you thought you had them figured out The Complete Wizard s Handbook will put a whole new twist on wizards from personality and dress codes to

Fiend Folio

Fiend FolioThe Fiend Folio is a collection of monsters for use with Advanced Dungeons Dragons, similar in format to the original Monster Manual and effectively a supplement to that book.

Tome of Magic (Advanced Dungeon & Dragons: Accessory Rulebook)

Tome of Magic (Advanced Dungeon & Dragons: Accessory Rulebook)Take your spellcasters to limits they have never reached before With over two hundred new spells and magical items, the Tome of Magic stretches the horizons of every wizard and priest in the AD D 2nd Edition game n nIn these pages are new forms of wizard magic including elementalists, metamagic, and

Player's Handbook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Stock #2101)

Player's Handbook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Stock #2101)This is the indispensable encyclopedia of fantasy role playing and also the perfect companion to the referee s 2nd Edition Dungeon Master s Guide Everything players need is here how to determine a character s Strength, Wisdom, Charisma, and other abilities the difference among the various fantasy

Monstrous Manual

Monstrous ManualNew illustrations and corrected material highlight this revision of the standard monstrous compendiums collected together in one volume This will be the perfect, easy to use replacement for the bulkier compendiums of the past Illustrations, some in color.