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This Terrible Beauty From The Bestselling Author Of The Forgotten Hours Comes An Unforgettable Story Of One Woman S Journey To Reclaim What She Lost In A Country Torn Apart By The Devastating Legacy Of WWIIOn The Windswept Shores Of An East German Island, Bettina Heilstrom Struggles To Build A Life From The Ashes World War II Has Ended, And Her Country Is Torn Apart Longing For A Family, She Marries Werner, An Older Bureaucrat Who Adores Her But After Joining The Fledgling Secret Police, He Is Drawn Deep Into Its Dark Mission And Becomes A Dangerous ManWhen Bettina Falls In Love With An Idealistic Young Renegade, Werner Discovers Her Infidelity And Forces Her To Make A Terrible Choice Spend Her Life In Prison Or Leave Her Home Forever Either Way She Loses Both Her Lover And ChildTen Years Later, Bettina Has Reinvented Herself As A Celebrated Photographer In Chicago, But She S Never Stopped Yearning For The Baby She Left Behind Surprised By An Unexpected Visitor From Her Past, She Resolves To Return To Her Ravaged Homeland To Reclaim Her Daughter And Uncover Her Beloved S Fate, Whatever The Cost

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    This book What a unique story about post World War II Bettina Heilstrom lives on an East German island She marries Werner who later joins the secret police This makes things unsafe for Bettina.Bettina then falls in love with a man with opposing ideals from Werner He s a rebel Ultimately, Werner finds out abou

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    I found it slow moving

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    THIS TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Katrin Schumann is a beautifully written and compelling work of historical fiction that will stay on my mind for a long time Inspired by actual historical events, the story has a past and present timeline that follows the heartbreaking journey of main character, Bettina Heilstrom as she seeks to rebuild h

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    I am a total wreck, yet I am elated by this beautiful story of love, loss, and endurance This novel takes place in two timelines and is mostly located in East Germany after WWII On the day she is recognised for her contribution to the world of photography, Bittina finds out that her ex husband is very sick Nine years earlier, she was forc

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    Linda s Book Obsession Reviews This Terrible Beauty by Katrin Schumann, Lake Union Publishing, March 1, 2020.Katrin Schumann, author of This Terrible Beauty has written a captivating, intriguing, intense and thought provoking novel The Genres for this novel are Historical Fiction and Fiction The timeline for this story is set after World War Two in

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    Captivating, pensive, and absorbing This Terrible Beauty is an intriguing, compelling tale that sweeps you away to East Germany following WWII when the country is still reeling with the aftermaths of war, and the new Soviet rule is causing repression, economic instability, political upheaval, social injustice, and lack of freedom.The prose is evocative and v

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    Thanks to Great Thoughts Great Readers FB Page and Lake Union for this ARC.I always enjoy historical novels This one is no exception It goes from the present in Chicago in 1965 to 1935 in Germany with Bettina as it s main character She lived a lonely life with a husband she didn t love but found a teacher who she did love She ends up having an affair with him and has

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    ThisTerribleBeauty NetGalley Thanks to NetGalley and Lake Union publishing for providing me with ARC.I love Historical Fiction so much but this novel is very slow and boring I tried so hard to continue this novel but I am feeling sorry, I don t love the characters as I expected.I am so sorry Katrin , I wished that I loved it.The cover is amazing and I loved.

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    A novel that takes on a life of it s own in today s political environmentThe writing of this novel was a worthwhile activity as it is a reflection of what can happen to any country or to anyone who truly gives up freedom Be it giving up freedoms to a pervasive government in our lives or to a dominant person, we see in this novel the devastation it causes to the soul of the country and

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    I listened to this great book through audible and enjoyed it a lot It takes place on an East German island by the Baltic Sea where Bettina Heilstrom struggles to build a life from the ashes World War II has ended, and her country is torn apart Longing for a family, she marries Werner, an older bureaucrat who adores her But after joining the newly formed secret police, he is drawn deep into its dar

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