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Hannahs War A Mesmerizing Re Imagination Of The Final Months Of World War II Kate Quinn, Author Of The Alice Network ,Hannah S War Is An Unforgettable Love Story About An Exceptional Woman And The Dangerous Power Of Her Greatest DiscoveryBerlin, Groundbreaking Physicist Dr Hannah Weiss Is On The Verge Of The Greatest Discovery Of The Th Century Splitting The Atom She Understands That The Energy Released By Her Discovery Can Power Entire Cities Or Destroy Them Hannah Believes The Weapon S Creation Will Secure An End To Future Wars, But As A Jewish Woman Living Under The Harsh Rule Of The Third Reich, Her Research Is Belittled, Overlooked, And Eventually Stolen By Her German Colleagues Faced With An Impossible Choice, Hannah Must Decide What She Is Willing To Sacrifice In Pursuit Of Science S Greatest Achievement New Mexico, Returning Wounded And Battered From The Liberation Of Paris, Major Jack Delaney Arrives In The New Mexican Desert With A Mission To Catch A Spy Someone In The Top Secret Nuclear Lab At Los Alamos Has Been Leaking Encoded Equations To Hitler S Scientists Chief Among Jack S Suspects Is The Brilliant And Mysterious Hannah Weiss, An Exiled Physicist Lending Her Talent To J Robert Oppenheimer S Mission All Signs Point To Hannah As The Traitor, But Over Three Days Of Interrogation That Separate Her Lies From The Truth, Jack Will Realize They Have In Common Than Either One Bargained For Hannah S War Is A Thrilling Wartime Story Of Loyalty, Truth, And The Unforeseeable Fallout Of A Single Choice

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    Even though this historical fiction book is imaginative than fact based, I still thought it was a worthwhile read The story revolved around the making of the atomic bomb and essentially which country s scientists were going to be the first ones to successfully pull it off It was a fascinating read as the story did explore a bit of the science behind it but

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI actually ended up enjoying this a lot than I thought I did This is a story told towards the end of WWII, right around the time of the Hiroshima bombing and Hitler taking his own life Hannah Weiss is a Jewish physicist who, after being exiled in Germany, has come to work with Oppenheimer to develop the Atomic bomb Beautiful a

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    Read this one for a cover quote, and loved it My quote HANNAH S WAR is a gripping cat and mouse tale of love, war, deception, and espionage you won t be able to put down As Hitler s star rises in Germany, brilliant physicist Hannah Weiss is on the cusp of cracking critical atomic secrets, but a Jewish female scientist has no place in the new order When Hannah escapes ov

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    Fascinating, pacey, and engaging Hannah s War is an intriguing story that sweeps you away to Los Alamos, New Mexico in the final days of WWII where a female Jewish physicist is on the cusp of making history in a field dominated by men, the race to develop the first nuclear weapon is well and truly underway, and the search and investigation of potential Nazi spies is top prior

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    I received a free publisher s advance review copy.According to Eliasberg, this novel was inspired by a little known historical fact that among the three Nazi era scientists in Berlin who first discovered the secret of nuclear fission, one was a brilliant Jewish woman named Lise Meitner According to a New York Times story published on August 7,1945 the day American forces dropped a

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    When Smiles Fade This is a fictionalized story of Austrian physicist Lise Meitner who discovered nuclear fission that paved the way for power generators using nuclear fuels Part of the story is actual, and the rest is created by the author Hannah Weiss was a professionally battered woman who was treated unfairly in academics because of her gender and Jewish faith in Germany Deeply hurt b

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    Hannah s War , by Jan Eliasberg, would make a marvelous movie or limited series Fast paced, a An Atomic Bomb The fact that Elisaberg is a highly successful screenwriter director is apparent from the first page Hannah s War is quite a ride And It comes with a Reader s Guide which is always useful for Book Clubs On the first page, Hannah is being taken to prison for treason The central question

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    This meticulously researched, beautifully written novel opened my eyes to a facet of history I d never even considered Hannah s story is entertaining, thought provoking, and full of unexpected twists right to the very last page.

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    A richly based time in history in which one woman in particular Lise Meitner made a huge discovery related to uranium and nuclear fission this book deals with another such woman with a few twists.This sets the stage for the rest of this fascinating story in which espionage and romance is woven throughout this explosive and yet passionate historical fictional piece.The main question readers must ask is who

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    Really enjoyed this historical fiction book about the development of the atomic bomb It sparked an interest to explore further the involvement of women in this.

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