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The Electric Heir (Feverwake #2) In The Sequel To The Fever King, Noam Lvaro Seeks To End Tyranny Before He Becomes A Tyrant HimselfSix Months After Noam Lvaro Helped Overthrow The Despotic Government Of Carolinia, The Atlantians Have Gained Citizenship, And Lehrer Is Chancellor But Despite Lehrer S Image As A Progressive Humanitarian Leader, Noam Has Finally Remembered The Truth That Lehrer Forced Him To Forget That Lehrer Is Responsible For The Deadly Magic Infection That Ravaged CaroliniaNow That Noam Remembers The Full Extent Of Lehrer S Crimes, He S Determined To Use His Influence With Lehrer To Bring Him Down For Good If Lehrer Realizes Noam Has Evaded His Control And That Noam Is Plotting Against Him Noam S Dead So He Must Keep Playing The Role Of Lehrer S Prot G Until He Can Steal Enough Vaccine To Stop The VirusMeanwhile Dara Shirazi Returns To Carolinia, His Magic Stripped By The Same Vaccine That Saved His Life But Dara S Attempts To Ally Himself With Noam Prove That Their Methods For Defeating Lehrer Are Violently Misaligned Dara Fears Noam Has Only Gotten Himself Deeply Entangled In Lehrer S Web Sooner Or Later, Playing Double Agent Might Cost Noam His Life

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    Victoria Lee said I m gonna give the gays everything they want but also break their hearts a little as a treat.The Feverwake series centers around Noam and Dara, two boys who survived a virus that turned them into witchings, giving them the possession of powerful magic The Electric Heir, like The Fev

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    THE COVER IS LIVE bless your eyes here This book is incredible, I don t even have the words I n c r e d i b l e.Blog Twitter Instagram Tumblr Bloglovin

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    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest reviewCW mention of suicide and suicidal ideations, illness, death, violence, fascism, excessive drinking, pedophilia, statutory rape, abuse in all its forms, graphic description of physical abuse, manipulation, mind control, trauma, murd

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    Scroll down for content warnings The Electric Heir is, at its core, about what it means to be a survivor both the experience of surviving, and the expectations that society places on survivors Like Noam and Dara, I survived childhood sexual abuse and violence Like Lehrer, my abuser was attractive and powerful and charismat

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    I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Okay, so The Electric Heir was even amazing than the first book It doesn t matter that I read them accidentally out of order I loved every page I read between these books Now this one starts about 6 months or so after the first one ended Not going to l

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    WHEW THIS BOOKBuddy reading with my love ________________________________I GOT A REVIEW COPY OF THIS BOOK I M ABOUT TO PASS OUT________________________________When I saw a 2020 release date, I blacked out for a second before I remembered that s next year and not 2 years like my brain thought kjhdsjkdfgI just know this book is going to cause a heart

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    After coming out of THE FEVER KING with much less love than I thought I would, I was pretty pleased by how strong I felt this follow up was At least, initially.My main problem was where this story went in regards to a certain relationship and the direction it took There are so many complicated emotions, so many traumas, so much grief, wrapped up in the why or

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    Noam had crawled his way into Dara s mind and planted himself there, a root system tangled into Dara s thoughts and Dara s telepathy.Inextricable. Actual rating 4.5 On my blog Rep Jewish mcs, bi mc, gay mc with substance abuse disorder, MDD, unspecified eating disorder, Black side character, Chinese American side character, Indian American side character

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    I was sent this book as an advance copy by the publisher for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are my own. buddy read with Laura Finishing this book felt like being the I lived bitch meme The Electric Heir messed with my emotions in a way that The Fever King didn t I want to make it clear before we start that I don t consider myself a survivor of the typ

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    Full review on my blog ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.I always pitch The Fever King as a book about survivors for survivors And if that s the case, then The Electric Heir is supportive hand reaching for those who are still surviving, not yet out of the woods It s for the people who still blame themselves even though they rationally know they shouldn t It s for the

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