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Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 (Vampire Knight, #1) Reading Vampire Knight, Vol 1 Vampire Knight, 1 By Matsuri Hino Ivogue.co.uk Yuki Cross Has No Memory Of Her Past Prior To The Moment She Was Saved From A Vampire Attack Ten Years Ago She Was Adopted By The Headmaster Of Cross Academy, And Now Works Alongside Zero To Guard The Academy S Secret Cross Adademy Is Attended By Two Groups Of Students The Day Class And The Night Class At Twilight, When The Students Of The Day Class Return To Their Dorm, They Cross Paths With The Night Class On Their Way To School Yuki Cross And Zero Kiryu Are The Guardians Of The School, Protecting The Day Class From The Academy S Dark Secret The Night Class Is Full Of Vampires

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    Random babblingBeautiful love suspense horror action story, lots of plot twists, a very very good vampire story Very addictive, kick ass action If you re interested in vampires you ll definitely love it I M TEAM ZERO BTW

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    Who needs Yuki Okay, so I watch plenty of anime, but this is actually the first manga I ve ever read I liked it very much, BUT here it comessome parts really ticked me off, like The lack of action Yuki She was such a a bit of a goody two shoes Which annoyed the hell out o

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    Review Updated Vampire Knight This is the first manga I have read in my entire life So this manga s about A boarding school is divided into two classes, Day Class and Night Class Zero and Yuuki are best friends, childhood friends are guardians protect the Night Class identity they a

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    Again Found this series by Netflix The bane of my existence BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS Even with all of the sexual tensionas well as the love triangle.

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    Stop me if you ve heard this one beforethere s a school that has a day school and a night school The night school students are just a little bit different than everyone elsebecause they re vampires Okay, so the general concept has been turning up quite a bit in manga and likely to turn up evenwith Nigh

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    Well Netflix has ruined me and I m totally fangirl crushing on this anime so of course I had to pick up the manga too 3Um I m obsessedZero is my love Ok so I m by far NOT the authority on the intricacies of manga critique here but um I m obsessed so...

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    Since I m fairly new to Manga I m not sure if they re all like this The dialogue was awkward and stoic The characters all fell flat, except for Zero I think he s the only one I liked As for Kaname and Yuuki, GOD Those two are boring as heck Every time they have a conversation I can t...

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    I ve already watched the anime, and I don t usually read manga, but I m trying to give it a shot since the anime had no ending which you can bet still makes me salty to this day.This was an interesting experience The...

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    I have been reading manga ever since I was in high school, the first manga I ever read being Ranma Well, just recently, I have stumbled upon another manga series called Vampire Knight not to be confused with Richelle Mead s Vampire Academy series which is created by Matsuri Hino and it is about how a young high school girl named Yuki realize

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    I heard this was a Twilight Manga, and in a way it was, but I was really happy that there were tons of differences At Cross Academy you can find both humans and vampires The vampires go to class at night and are called the Night Class, however the humans Day Class don t know that the Night Class are vampires, they just know that they are extremely pre

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